Seekers of Truth

Sticking Together

Smoke, Fire, and Identity Crisis

My speeder starts to take off instantly, but then I hit the wrong gear. I keep the speeder on track but a sputter a bit. I've always viewed myself as a mechanic or at least I have tried. Growing up I wanted to rebel against my family. Do work my mother thought was beneath me. Throughout this journey I have just been hearing my mother's lectures. Perhaps I am more the daughter she wanted than I wanted to be. I thought the talent I brought to this group was my talent with vehicles and piloting, but the more I am with these two the more I'm realizing how delusional I have been. Sure I can be crafty. I'm great with weapons. I made Savro's first saber and just created the light bomb that let me escape on this speeder, but… when contrasted with Savro's pure natural ability to pilot. I'm more of what both my parents wanted me to be. What I just did at least proves my father right.

I need these two. Even if I am not who I thought I am, these two have strengths in things I have always wanted. Ailyn is able to make the hard calls that don't hurt people. If I had her ability maybe I wouldn't have… While Savro is pure instinct and feeling. He never second guesses his actions or what needs to be done. These two need to make it out of this. 

I use the communicator I found to contact Ailyn. Her and Savro are being chased and shot at. Ditch them and follow me. If any two people in the galaxy can beat the odds right now, it is those two. They don't have me to screw it up. I take my speeder straight up. I just make it but I wobble. The speeder teeters. The engine has died. I've been on this thing for maybe two minutes and I've killed it already. I start to fall but leap off before the speeder can take me down with it. I don't reach the top when I drop off and am clinging to the side of the canyon. Well, my mother didn't see this in my future. I climb to the top. It looks like those two lost the transport ship as it is a bit off. Without my speeder the empty landscape is only lit by starlight.  I look into the sky into the vast emptiness. It reminds me of the cave I walked into on  Dathomir: how dark this is, how lost I feel.  But tonight there is starlight, just like back home. 

As I stand looking into the galaxy I push my sight further. I take a deep breath and let time take me. My thinkings of Dathomir connect me to the girls who have been made slaves on this planet. I see them in the academy in the sublevels. I know where they are. As I gaze upon this disturbing sight there is someone I don't see. The Champion of their people is not there. 

I push myself further into this to seek the quickest and safest way out of this. I'm coming to know my strength in this group. It is here and now that I can help. We must board our ship. Go exactly where they think we would go. It would be dangerous, but it is our best shot out of this place. This place…

Smoke and fire. I'm pulled out of my trance staring into the sky by smoke and fire. With that I know Ailyn and Savro did what they had to do. We meet up and I share what I have seen. Ailyn is skeptical and wants us to leave. I get this. We all are guaranteed to survived with her choice. But these kids need us. I can't let more children die around me. Ailyn rebuttals Savro and I, "Children die all the time, are you going to save everyone of them?" At the same time Savro and I respond, "But we can save these ones now."

From then the plan was set. Ailyn directed the plan. Her and Savro would get the girls and I would get the ship to get us the hell off this force forsaken planet. We split up.

I head towards the tram hoping to blend in. There are my fellow sorcery students in here and I try to blend like I was reading dull scroll after dull scroll like these lifeless interns. A security guard on the tram approaches me. They are detaining all Mirialan. There is only one way out in this moment. I go to jump out the window but the man grabs me. I shock him with my gloves but he keeps his grip. He starts to pull me in, but I take advantage of his grip and bring him out the window with me.

We slam into the ground. He has the advantage and is the first to his feet. He attempts to cuff me but I dodge it. I go to get at him but in the midst of the chaos I stumble falling an inch away from the tram speeding past us. The screech of the tram takes over. He is still after me trying to cuff me, he is standing above me. I try to sweep him with a kick from below him, but he dodges it, determined to catch me. He finally gets the cuffs on me, but he didn't get me easy. I use his own strength against him again yanking him in to headbutt him. Then I summersault him into the tram that almost got me. With him gone I still have handcuffs on me and no key. I  know I can get loose of these, but not here. I need my tools. Time to get back to the mission and get to the ship. 

At the ship I un-cuff myself and get in the pilot seat. It takes a little extra juice but I take off and B-Line to the pick up point. I'm getting shot at but weave to avoid them. More artillery comes out. With this new threat I am ready to get out of here. I use the communicator and let Ailyn know I'm at the spot and it is time for us to get the girls and ourselves out of here. Ailyn takes one of the tanks and shoots our the other larger artillery. I swoop in and open the ship up for the girls and Ailyn to run in. As always Savro is behind. I see him running out but I know if I stay idle we are all doomed. I have seen Savro escape worse. Believing in him I start to take off, trusting he will be able to get on the ship. He has to. He fucking makes it. 

Savro joins me at the pilot seat. I try to Astrogate us out of here without having to run into the other ships that are trying to take us down. But science doesn't work that way. Savro takes over the piloting. I know he will get us out of here and passed these ships. My job is to astrogate us, to lead the way. I get the coordinates set. Savro punches it. We are going to be safe and I am going to get some answers.


that fight is way less boring with a Jason Bourne gif. well done.

Sticking Together
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