Welcome back to Season 2 of Seekers of Truth

a Star Wars Role Playing Game 

The Campaign takes place in 3642 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin, "A New Hope") in the at the beginning of the renewed Galactic Civil war between the Sith Empire and the Republic.

Decades before the Galactic War and the Cold war that followed a vision was had. It spoke of three who would "unlock the gates" and bring a general Tranquility to the Galaxy. In 3642 BBY three were hired by the elusive organization C.o.G (Citizens of the Galaxy) to pursue a trade federation project labeled "I.G".  A troubling prophecy, a hidden legacy and a trail of bodies have left them scarred and changed, but powerful. Now with the gates unlocked, a world under siege and a vampiric Sith lord on the loose. These three must find the general tranquility that was promised.

We will use this website to keep track of the story and characters. But also to earn extra experience. The first character bio update is worth 10 exp and every time an adventure log is completed it is worth another 5xp.

Some useful tools:

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Seekers of Truth

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